Estates’ financial services:

  • To help the in formulating an overall legal and governance framework that enables the heirs to manage the estate and ensure the continuity of the businesses.
  • Assist in following up with the expert firm to finalize the assignment of identifying all the assets related to the estate and to finalize the external audit assignment of the financial statements in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreed-on services in the external auditor engagement letters.
  • To assist in selecting the best valuers for the assets of the estate and to review the work of the valuers to ensure compliance with the best practice.
  • To help in the tasks assigned by the Judicial Committee with regards to managing the estate and to settle the estate liabilities based on the priorities decided by the Judicial Committee until the estate is allocated to the heirs.
  • Assist the Board to identify the Waqef, if any and the conditions attached to the Waqef.
  • Preparing a recommendation on how to allocate the ownership of the lands and villas, based on agreements among the heirs, for approval.
  • To help the Board in communicating with the debtors and creditors to quantify their debts.
  • Identifying the charity, donation and the will portion of the estate.
  • To help settling the undisputed creditors and the disputed creditors after approval from the Judicial Committee.
  • To assist in collecting the estate debts
  • To assist with any task assigned to the Board by the Judicial Committee.
  • To review any claims received by debtors to check the legitimacy and help in settling the liability.
  • Preparing the periodic report to the Judicial Committee.
  • Manage the heirs and the estate