Internal Auditing

Outsourced Internal Audit Activity

Outsource your entire Internal Audit Activity to practitioners that understand accounting operations and have years of experience conducting internal audit engagements. Let internal audit professionals handle chartered responsibilities and re-allocate your personnel and resources to revenue generating activities.

Chief Audit Executive

Outsource your Chief Audit Executive responsibilities to skilled managers capable of leading your Internal Audit Activity’s engagements and personnel. Enhance the skills of your internal auditors through the guidance and coaching of a third-party Chief Audit Executive. Outsource the design and implementation of your Internal Audit Activity to an experienced internal audit practitioner.

Consulting Services

Receive consulting and advisory services designed to improve governance and risk management processes. Utilize customized consulting engagements to enhance various aspects of management decision-making and organizational strategy. Get the insight you need to improve your systems from internal auditors with experience in multiple facets of accounting, finance and management.